Zhangjiagang huede(hyd) Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of domestic plastics machinery.The company is committed to the production and development of plastic machinery products, focus on technological innovation, and actively introduce advanced technology, and summarizes a lot of practical experience, constantly improve and perfect products.Run my company mainly specializing in the production and processing of spiral feeder, PE / PP / PVC and other pipe production line, traction machine, plastic pipe cutting machine, PP / PE plastic sheet production line, profile production line, PVC profile and WPC extrusion line, single multi-layer sheet production line, PP / PE granulating production line, film granulation production line, PET plastic recycling washing line, PS foam frame production line, transfer machines, and various auxiliary equipment, shredder crusher, mill , ZS shaker, plastic mixing machine, compressed pellet machine, mixing single and mixed units, dehydration and other products.Companies adhering to the "quality brand to higher prices of the market, to win credibility," business philosophy, and constantly Innovation and change, I sincerely community friends are kindly invited to guide customers to the company, contact, conspiracy Albert.

The company currently has 5 latest meltblown production lines, mainly producing the following two categories of products:

1. Melt blown cloth production line for medical and civilian disposable masks;

2. Production line of disposable mask nose strips;

Mask filter materials and finished masks include (PM2.5 series, BFE series, N series, KN series and FFP series, etc.);

Zhangjiagang Zhide New Materials Co., Ltd. upholds the spirit of continuous innovation and advancement with the times, and has a number of third-party product test reports and company certification certificates, including: SGS, CE, NIOSH, STOS national authority testing certification; also passed ISO9001 :2008 standard certification, and successively obtained: city high-tech enterprise, provincial small and medium-sized technology enterprise, national high-tech enterprise;

In addition to providing high-quality self-branded products, Zhangjiagang Zhide New Material Co., Ltd. is also dedicated to providing OEM production and adsorption filter media filtration solutions for new and old customers. At present, energy products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, and export products account for 80% of the company's total.