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Difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe

Where is the difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe

1. Different uses: one for water supply and one for drainage. PVC water supply pipes are mainly used for: A. indoor water supply and reclaimed water system for civil and industrial construction; B. buried water supply system for residential quarters and factories; C. urban water supply pipeline system; D. water treatment pipeline system of water treatment plant; e. mariculture industry; F. garden irrigation, shaft sinking and other engineering and other industrial pipes. PVC drainage pipe is mainly used for: construction drainage, daily sewage drainage.

2. Different standards: there are many standard types of PVC water supply pipe, and relatively few standard types of PVC drainage pipe, because the drainage system itself does not need too many standards. Even for the same type (outer diameter), the wall thickness of water supply pipe and drainage pipe is often different, because the water supply pipe has pressure requirements, and the drainage pipe usually does not need to consider the pressure.

3. Different prices.

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