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Energy saving technology of extruder

Energy saving technology of extruder

How to reduce the energy consumption of extruder? Firstly, the energy consumption of extruder is analyzed: the energy consumption of extruder refers to the power consumption per unit mass of plastic products, and the unit is kwh / kg. The energy consumption of extruder can be divided into two types according to input and output: 1. Input energy of motor and related parts accounts for 77%, barrel, head and cooling input account for 22.8%, and appearance equipment accounts for 0.2%. 2. 60% of the energy station is consumed by the rise of output energy pressure and plastic temperature, 20% of the energy is consumed by motor, reducer and other power components, and the heat loss of barrel and head is 19. 8%; appearance about 0.2%

The energy consumption of extruder can be reduced in the following four aspects

1. The consumption of electricity remains unchanged and the production is improved.

2. Constant consumption of electricity and improvement of yield

3. The consumption of electricity increased slightly, and the output and yield improved significantly

4. Production and yield remain unchanged, reducing power consumption

There are many ways to save energy for extruder. Choose advanced skills to achieve real energy saving. For example: the traditional resistance wire heating to electromagnetic heating, not only reduces the heating time, the primary electromagnetic heating can save more than 50% of heating energy.