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how to choice single screw extruder

Main equipment functions of PVC pipe production line:

1. Screw type: screw is the heart of extruder, mainly including equidistant unequal depth type (45 machine), separation type (65, 90 machine), pin type, BM type, etc.

2. The role of screw: the rotation of screw produces shear force to break the plastic; the rotation of screw produces driving force to make the broken plastic move forward continuously and thus produce extrusion pressure; under the action of extrusion pressure, the filter plate and other parts of the pressure produce reaction force, resulting in the flow and mixing of plastic, so as to realize the overall balance of the extrusion process. This process is the necessary and sufficient condition for the plastic to achieve uniform plasticization.

3. The main parameters of screw in PVC pipe production line: compression ratio, length diameter ratio, thread pitch, screw peak width, screw angle, arc angle, etc.

(1) Compression ratio: the ratio of screw groove volume in and out of the screw. The existence of compression ratio is the premise of extrusion pressure.

(2) Length diameter ratio: the ratio of the effective length of the screw to its diameter. Because the plasticizing temperature of a certain plastic is a temperature region with little change, at a certain temperature, the degree of plasticization is determined by the heating time. Therefore, the large ratio of length to diameter is beneficial to plasticizing and increasing yield, but it is inconvenient to manufacture, install and use. The new screw is to improve the screw speed on the premise of plastic plasticization.

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