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what is ppr waater pipe

PPR pipe system is a new type of product widely used in developed areas of the world. It uses homogeneous fusion technology in cold and hot water transportation engineering. Its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators are far better than other similar products, especially its excellent sanitary performance. The whole process from production and use to waste recycling can meet the extremely high health and environmental protection requirements It has the advantages of energy saving, long service life and economy.

PPR pipe has the following 9 main characteristics besides light weight, corrosion resistance and no scaling

1. This machine is mainly used for pipe production with PPR resin as raw material

2. The design of slotted feeder barrel and barrier screw can improve the plasticizing effect

3. High extrusion rate, low melt temperature and uniform temperature

4. Barrier type two pole mixing, i.e. special screw for day, slotting barrel.

5. Equipped with a new type of secondary split die, with the characteristics of low temperature and low pressure extrusion: water film sizing sleeve, to ensure the high-speed production of pipes.

6. The production line is controlled by PLC and has good man-machine interface.

7. Non toxic and hygienic. PP-R raw material molecules only carbon, hydrogen, no harmful and toxic elements exist, sanitary and reliable, not only for cold and hot water pipelines, but also for pure drinking water system.

8. Good heat resistance. The Vicat softening point of PP-R tube was 131.5 ℃. The working temperature can reach 95 ℃, which can meet the requirements of hot water system in building water supply and drainage code.

9. Long service life. The service life of PP-R pipe can reach more than 50 years under the condition of working temperature of 70 ℃ and working pressure of 1.0 MPa (provided that the pipes must be s3.2 and s2.5 Series); the service life of PP-R pipe can reach more than 100 years at room temperature (20 ℃).